As Global Magnet Sondaj, we aim at the following:

• Complying with national and international legal regulations, laws, legislations, and other liabilities on environmental issues,
• Preventing environmental pollution and developing the environmental performance continuously by following scientific and technological developments of our sector about the environmental protection,
• Protecting and using natural resources in the most efficient way,
• Keeping the environmental impacts under control and mitigating them from the beginning to the end in the projects,
• Reducing or recycling the wastes that will arise from our operations,
• Improving consciousness of environmental responsibility of our employees by training each of them of the environmental issues.


As Global Magnet Sondaj we aim at the following:

• To mitigate adverse impacts of our operations,
• To provide healthy and safe working environment by pre-evaluating environmental impacts of each project to be executed and to keep environmental protection as the main principle,
• To follow all of sectoral innovations, researches, and developments,
• To find solutions for environmental problems related to our sector,
• To keep environmental risk management at the most advanced level for emergencies,
• To arrange and organize our works in a manner supporting sustainable development principle.


Global Magnet Sondaj being conscious on the social responsibility and environmental awareness issues; has adopted the following as its mission scope:

• To comply with environmental liabilities in all of its activities,
• To work by environmental responsibility and consciousness with all of its staff,
• To develop environmental impact mitigation standards continuously,
• To develop environmental commitment continuously,
• To monitor the implementation of its environmental commitments continuously and to ensure the commitments are fulfilled,
• To be a leader company in its sector by being sensitive to environment, health, and safety expectations and requirements.

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