Drillhole Surveying Services

Fast, reliable and cost effective solution for drillhole surveys. With our North-seeker gyro, you can make accurate and reliable decisions in the field, thanks to 0.3˚ Dip and 1˚ Azimuth sensitivity of the gyro. We can also provide services for mine planning plots in 2D or 3D after the surveys. With our experienced survey team, our services are available both in Turkey or overseas.

Benefits of EZ-Gyro

  • Easy to Use
    Simpler and more functiona user interface compared to the other surveying instruments that are in Driller control.


  • Fast
    Generates the data in quick fashion and allows you to make decisions in a reliable manner.


  • Quality Data
    Gyro’s software is designed for minimizing the risk of operator faults.


  • Time and Budget Saving
    Gyro’s fast and simple surveys allows you to eliminate the risk of costly stoppage times in between holes.


  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientation
    Gyro is not effected by magnetic fields which allows you to do fast and correct orientation with the gyro without the need for high cost non-magnetic alloys.


Data Transfer
Reflex is well known among the Exploration teams in all world with it’s high tech survey instruments. It is designed to cover all the needs of the sector.

Reflex EZ- Gyro allows you to access your critically important survey data momentarily. Reflex also guarantees the security of your data from any third party.

Budget Friendly & Safe Option

EZ-Gyro is 15% cheaper compared to the other surveying instruments in the market who has Northseeking capabilities. It also allows you to intervene immediately to the holes that needs re-aligning or re-entering by providing fast and reliable data. This allows your drilling to go according to the plan and within the budget.

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